Create captivating quizzes, mind-reading surveys and intuitive feedback forms that increases your business profits and conversion rates by 200-400%.

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Your Features & Benefits

Create captivating quizzes...

...mind-reading surveys...

...and intuitive feedback forms.

Got a list?

Use quizzes and surveys to find out what they truly want.

No list?

Use surveys and quizzes as an interactive tool to quickly build your list.


Manipulate and segment your traffic and customers into various sales funnels based on their preferences, interests and choices using our branching logic.

Create any question

Fixed choice questions, checkbox-style questions, open-ended questions - create them all.

"Tailor-Made" Questions

With branching logic, easily create a unique quiz experience for your users.

"Tailor-Made" Evaluations

With branching logic, easily produce a unique analysis or evaluation for your quiz and survey users.

Overall Analysis

Give your users an overall analysis using an easy to use logic-based value system.

Flexibility in integration

Integrate QuizFunnel with any autoresponder or re-direct to any website or webpage on the internet for your end sales funnels easily.

Beautiful themes

Design your forms

Have an eye for design? Style your own forms!

Display everywhere, easily

Display your quiz and surveys on your website, blog or Facebook fan page with a line of javascript code. Or you can simply redirect users to a self-hosted URL.


Get live, up-to-date and accurate statistics of your quizzes, surveys and feedback forms.

Export data easily

One click export all your quiz and survey data into an excel document.

Simple dashboard, support guides and wizards

The dashboard is built with the user-experience in mind. Support videos and guides can be found at the Quickstart Guide here. And a little wizard is displayed for new users to lead them to creating their first quiz.

Nothing to download, nothing to install!

QuizFunnel is a web application. That means you can get ready and going within 60 seconds. That also means you can access it from any computer and any browser and updates will be carried out seamlessly without you knowing.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Price Plans

As of January 2014, QuizFunnel is closed to the public.
Existing users of QuizFunnel will be allowed to use QuizFunnel until January 2015.
I thank you all sincerely for using and trying QuizFunnel, and if you have any queries, please direct them to:
Best, Jeff Lam

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Still hesitating?

Don't worry - I'm going to take ALL the risk out for you by giving you a 60 DAYS No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

That's right. You have a full SIXTY DAYS to try out QuizFunnel and experience the benefits it provides to you and your business. If anytime during the 60 days you are NOT satisfied, simply request for a refund and we will refund you your money.

There is absolutely no reason to hesitate any longer. Get access to QuizFunnel NOW!